Third Generation Conversational AI

Voice-enabled products are reducing friction, maximizing utility and preserving end-user data privacy. VoiceThesis can help your organization make the most out of the next growth phase.


Voice Enablement

Add interactive voice features to all of your user-engagement channels (e.g. mobile, web, social, wearables).

Conversational AI

Build context-aware interactions that help your users do more with less effort.


Review and benchmark your interactive voice systems and components.

Voice Data Analytics

Implement best practices for logging, analyzing and monitoring your voice systems.

Content Understanding

From signal to semantics: automate audio-visual content processing to power novel features.

Machine Learning

Support data collection, custom model training, deployment and maintenance.

Technology Outlook


Nine approaches to conversational intelligence

Different models of conversational intelligence tradeoff performance, developer effort and controllability.

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Third generation conversational AI

The technological enablers that will power the next generation of conversational AI are evident now.

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What is the
voice thesis?

To generate stickiness, utility of the conversational interaction paradigm must surpass that of apps.

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Consulting Approach

Each client is unique. We begin by understanding what the client wants to achieve through the use of AI, and then educate them on the technical possibilities and limitations. By demystifying tech, we eliminate hype and help our clients chart a realistic product roadmap.

Client ROI

Create and execute a plan that leads to near-term results (within 3-6 months).

Strategic Alignment

Focus on solving technical challenges to help clients create market relevant products and services.


Build in-house conversational AI capacity by working closely with client developers.

Use Commoditized AI

Use off-the-shelf components from cloud providers, specialist technology vendors and open-source developers.

Leverage Partnerships

Engage our network of software developers, solution specialists and infrastructure providers.

Expertise (not platforms)

Provide technical expertise that complements the client and leads to a complete and customized solution.

About Us

We work with organizations that are looking to accelerate their AI strategy. Our goal is to demystify technology and help clients overcome the challenge of finding top-notch AI talent. We offer negotiable terms for startups pursuing novel applications of voice technology and conversational AI.

Principal Consultant

Rohit Kumar

For over 18 years, Dr. Kumar has been enabling human-machine interaction through the use of speech and language technologies. His works include building conversational interfaces for Spotify, creating real-time speech translations systems for DARPA, and studying the effects of social interaction capable conversational agents. Dr. Kumar is a senior member of IEEE and has authored over 60 publications. He received his doctorate from Carnegie Mellon University.

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